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Technology at McCaslin Associates - Dallas Architects
“Architecture is the scientific, correct, and magnificent
play of forms in light.”–Le Corbusier

Because your needs are important to us, McCaslin Associates uses only state-of-the-art hardware and software. This enables us to provide you with the best service:

Completing you project more efficiently
Providing the most flexibility
Supporting the finest design
Maximizing visualization with computer-generated
3-D models
Sun studies
Animated movies
Virtual reality

Since McCaslin Associates models all projects using 3-D animation tools, you can see every aspect of your building before construction begins.

Animation and virtual reality modeling allow our designers to think, create, and evaluate in three dimensions. The project is envisioned with high-quality graphics that incorporate shadows, reflections, and other design features that otherwise could not be appreciated until the project's completion. As a result, our clients can compare their conception to realistic models, enabling more effective communication before implementation.

These are the tools we use to transform designs into reality:



With our commitment to technology, you receive the service and attention to detail that only a small firm can provide, while reaping benefits that you might expect to find only with large, well-equipped firms.

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